Questions and answers

Shipping is included in the prices on the ordering page.
Go to the ordering page, decide what you want and send me an email with the address from there.
If you have an event or such you need the mount for I can look in to it and give you an estimate.
Currently Dark blue and black. If you want a specific color that I don't have I can probably get that from my supplier but that will increase the time before I can ship.
No. The plastic I print in is strong enough for anything the camera mount should experience. The reasoning is that if you impact anything something will have to break to absorb the force from the impact. The options are: the camera, the camera mount, your helmet or your face. Clearly we don't want to break your face and breaking the helmet puts the face at risk. The mount is the cheapest in the equation and if it breaks you might still recover your camera. It is however worth noting that the far most likely situation is that an impact dislodges the camera mount and it then snaps back into position. The plastic will become weaker at high temperatures so don't leave it in your car in the sun for too long as it might deform.
You should always follow your local regulations and rules. Worth remembering is that with modern small form factor cameras the risk isn't really the camera itself but the distraction it causes. There are numerous cases each year of people focusing on their camera and forgetting what they're doing. Also worth remembering is that sooner or later you'll have a jump where the camera will fail. If it is because you forgot the memory card or the battery is dead or whatever but when that time comes don't get locked on your camera and miss when you're supposed to exit. If you ruin the spot for everyone they'll be angry.
The mount is designed for the standard gopro attachment point so any goproish shaped camera will work. Just remember if you need the session size or full size mount.
I'm based in southern Sweden.
As long as this page is online I'm printeing camera mounts.