Ordering and pricing


The G3 session mount: 20 USD

The g3 session mount

The G3 full size GOPRO mount: 23 USD

The g3 gopro mount

The KISS adapter: 25 USD

The kiss adapter

The G4 adapter: 13 USD

The G4 adapter


If you want to order a chinmount send me an email with which one, how many and where you want it delivered at: If you're trying to buy a chinmount for a motor cycle helmet you've come to the wrong place. I do mounts for the specific skydiving helmets listed here.

I will usually respond within a week. I'm slow but I will get to you! I will then send you a paypal.me link to transfer payment. If you want the chinmount in a specific color I might very well be able to accomodate that without any extra cost however it will add to the lead time for your order.