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Super tight mounting

The chinmount for the Cookie G3 is as tight as can be. Every extra fraction of an inch something protrudes greatly increases the risk of something getting snagged on it, it bumping something or just the force from the airflow. Keeping it tight was one of the main goals when developing the chinmount for the G3.

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Camera on your chin

Having a camera on top of your helmet comes with a lot of inherent problems such as keeping your visor down our bumping into the aircraft. With the camera on your chin you get an even more accurate first person perspective and you can always have an eye on it.

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I love skydiving and I love having video of every jump. It doesn't matter if we took zero points in a four way. To see that one time you bombed one of the experienced jumpers big time. Keeping it below a jump ticket price was important to me making sure everyone can afford one easily!

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Two models to ensure the perfect fit

One chinmount for full size Gopro cameras and one for the Session series of cameras. This ensures that no space is wasted

Size comparison of chinmount mounts

Minimal breathing restriction. Even on the KISS.

The chinmount proves that there can be a solid camermount that doesn't make your helmet fog up in cold weather mounted in the vent on the G3. On the KISS the adapter leaves the air canal very close to completetly open.

Air vent availability with the mounts installed.

Zero torque pin system. Snapps back in to place if dislodged

By having the pin rotated 90 degrees on the mount compared to the attachment on the helmet the neutral position for the rubber band is in the correct position for the camera mount. This allows the chinmount to return to its correct position by itself if it happens to be dislodged.

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